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Un chileno que le gusta ver vídeos, crear música a su propio estilo, dibujar (aunque no mucho por internet sino en la vida real) y ser amable :3 Style electronic music: IDM, Ambient, Alternative Dance, Progressive House, Experimental, Glitch, Industrial.

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Posted by GeometryDashMau5Kids - December 20th, 2018

Hello all Newgrounds, this is not news about my projects or things to give "laughter". This what I say is very delicate and it is a bit uncomfortable to do it, but I must do it. Because we want to denounce a YouTube user of Chilean nationality called: "Peluchin Entertainment", who has discovered a video (if you ask me, I do not know where it came from) where he kills his cat with kicks, stomped, stamped on him wall and torture him cruelly. The video is circulated throughout the internet, but yes, the video is extremely strong and hard to see, so I recommend you not to see it or discretion.
Almost all YouTube Latinos and Spaniards have spoken about this user and I have not seen anyone speaking English who talked about him, who in itself, was previously hated to harass users, and that in real life harassed classmates , he got into lawsuits, he masturbated live and before he saw that he had bad deal with cats, like smearing the cat's face with food and throwing a cat in it with excrement from it. But this time, I kill that cat that mistreated him so much, it was called: "Jason Krueger".
The name of the user is really called: "Matias Veras".
I want you to meet this guy, because things like this should not be overlooked, what he did is atrocious, he is a psychopath, an schizophrenic, a crazy and cruel. He has shown that he is capable of doing anything to harm someone, and not only does he do it for the cat (because I love animals and HATE and DESPISE animal abuse), but I do it for his family and the people who love him. surrounds, that I would even dare to say, that he can even kill his family.
He is making his channel denounced and the Chilean police is investigating the video and the case is in trial.
I find it very strange that on YouTube the topic is more touched than there, that on television or national and international news. I've only seen 3 news, but you should know all.
Here I will leave the channel of this patient to delete the channel and denounce, because people like these should not be on YouTube, it is dangerous and can make life impossible, of course, has no feelings and does not care about others. Only seeks the pleasure of hurting people and get fame, something that I now achieve, but has a bad reputation, because he sought to be hated by all.
I hope we can end this kind of people.
I did not want to touch this topic, since it is very delicate and strong, but I can not ignore it, since I need your help. Thank you.


PD: In the last video says that your cat died of an accident and they had to sacrifice it, but do not believe him, it's a lie. Since it is professional to lie, he gave himself away with the video.

And worst of all, is that before had adopted 2 new cats of different sexes, which to top it off, he returned to mistreat in less than 1 week, and again put one in a toilet and again with excrement, and mocked of the cat is very disgusting that I could not get out of the toilet.
Fortunately, these cats are no longer with them, they have an ex-partner of Peluchin.


Posted by GeometryDashMau5Kids - December 7th, 2018

You want to be happy in life and have what you want, but life is usually cruel, use people with only damage with the envy that you have. You force yourself to be born in a life that is already dead, that is, you were born dead.



Posted by GeometryDashMau5Kids - October 4th, 2018

Vives y mueres

Posted by GeometryDashMau5Kids - June 20th, 2018


Posted by GeometryDashMau5Kids - June 16th, 2018

Este album esta listo, es el sexto que lanzo. A diferencia de mis albumes anteriores, no he adelantado ninguna cancion que estaria en este album ni en ninguna plataforma, es decir, todo el material es exclusivo.

Aqui esta el link para que lo descargen y lo disfruten :)


Posted by GeometryDashMau5Kids - April 14th, 2018

OJO: Si vas a leer esto, puede que le produzca paralisis de idiotez, convulciones, diarrea, vomitos, cancer en los ojos, del cerebro, del corazon, del oido, de la lengua y de tu +,*! madre :v. Quedas advertido.

"Mi novia tirna"

Me llamo Kakry y nego 23 anos, engo familai i es muy rtanquila y adinerada. Un dia ocmn cualquiwea, deidimos salier de bacasiones donde Viña del Mar. Empauqe mis coas y nos fuimos a VIña. Nos fuimso en auto de mi padre, epro duraba tanto el viaje hasta que me aburri y me slali por la ventiana. Ucando llegamos a viña, nos estasionams donde la playa junto con todoa la jente. Mi padre avia atropelladio mucha jente pero no lee dinos inportansia. Slaimso al autos y dusfritamos de la platya. Todo hiva bienn,,,,,perro te todas la gentes que estaba en la playa disfurtando del sol y del nar, abiai una chica muy gapa la verdad, era rubia y morena. Nose, esa asi esta imbecil. Em fin, me acerce a ella y ns saludomos los dos:



-¿qe haces en la playa?


-¿tenes ambre?

- no

-¿conanos helado un?


noss fuimaos a una heladoresa y lo laimamos. Luego ella dijo:

-oyre, ¿porquenos vanos al bano?


aSiq que nos fuimos al baño y ya dentro, ella saco un cuchillo y me empezo a puñalar en el etonajo, cangre mushizimoo y me dolio muco. sali del bajo corriendo y le diej a mi mama y pepa que nos ibamso a viña. Mi mama me vio mi apuñalamiento que me hizo esa chica y mos regtesamos a mi ciudad. Nunca tendre novia, pro bueno, esa estaba tna fea, me conseguire otra.